Scottish Heritage Today

Scottish cultural heritage is an important aspect of Australian culture, and is an influence throughout the world. It continues to be an essential aspect of many national events through the famous Pipes and drums bands, Scottish national dress, and Scottish literature.

The ideas of the Scottish Enlightenment, including the high value placed on education for all, the role of reason in building modern society, and belief in egalitarian values have been formative influences on Australia, and many schools and other institutions specifically acknowledge their Scottish heritage.

At the 2006 Australian Census over 1.5 million people identified themselves as having Scottish ancestry. A 1996 study of the ethnic origins of Australians found 5.3 million people with Scottish ‘origins’.

Love of Scottish culture is not confined to those with Scottish background. Scottish cultural traditions in education, sports, music and Scottish dress have appeal in all cultures and are enjoyed and celebrated around the world. The Foundation encourages the celebration and promotion of Scottish cultural heritage.