The Foundation through its activities strives to help Scottish organisations and impact positively on Australia.

Its activities  include:

  • developing and supporting programs and events that bring together the Scottish community in new or better ways
  • funding scholarships that promote or develop Scottish music, dance, literature, language and performing arts in all its forms
  • providing expertise and encouragement particularly to support initiatives that develop strategy and the future leadership of Scottish cultural heritage organisations
  • financially supporting Scottish cultural events such as highland gatherings, ceilidhs, exhibitions, festivals, public displays and celebrations
  • facilitating and promoting Scottish cultural projects in schools
  • raising and investing funds so the Foundation can provide wider and stronger support in the years ahead
  • recruiting and engaging supporters who contribute to the achievement of the Foundation’s objectives.

Foundation’s aims for Scottish cultural heritage organisations to:

  • transform themselves to become more viable and sustainable – especially through developing more members, younger members and younger leaders, and through developing more advanced skills and understanding of Scottish cultural heritage
  • stage more Scottish cultural events and activities, with better quality, more inclusion, and more visibility
  • tell more of the stories of how the values of Scottish cultural heritage shaped Victoria and remain important today
  • promote and support each other .

As a result the Foundation seeks a positive impact on the Australian community such that more Australians from all cultural backgrounds, and especially the young:

  • participate in Scottish cultural heritage activity
  • recognise Scottish symbols (tartan, bagpipes, Robert Burns etc) and the ideas of the Scottish Enlightenment, and associate them together
  • identify and feel proud of their Scottish ancestry (where they have one) and the values it represents.